Neeksie Photography

About Neeksie

Photographer, painter, engineer and mad genius. What started as a simple love of painting and art, has transformed into a passion for creating and capturing moments, emotions and art. I'm passionate about capturing fresh and captivating angles, full of intriguing/outlandish ideas and I aim to think “out of the box”, relentlessly searching for new and interesting angles. A professional photographer who specialises in fashion and art shoots - although my repertoire includes community and corporate events, weddings, and just about anything else you’re willing to throw at or trust me with. I'm dedicated to refining my craft by being adaptable, up for a challenge and open to new ideas. If you’re looking for a photographer who can add the x factor/extra pizzazz/punch to your project or portfolio (as well as entertain you with a somewhat questionable sense of humour!) – I'm your man.